Kauket (kauket) wrote in turntableturn,

Well now...

I really can't predict who will win.
I still say that Britney's photos were stunning, but I also accept that she really couldn't walk and her behaviour was dreadful. But I still think she photographed the best.

Jaslene - I don't rate her at all and I still find her unattractively thin. I don't think she's anything special, I'm not convinced the panel like her much any more, I don't see her winning

Renee - reformed bitch, now in with a good chance. perhaps looks too old, I'm liking her more and more.

Natasha - she just doesn't really have it. her look is not high fashion enough. although she has improved and maybe could win on that basis. I kinda think they won't want a non-American winning.

Dione - I'm bored to death of Dione. She can't take photos. I think Tyra will keep her in til at least the final three.

Is it me or is the quality of girls just shite this season. I am not feeling the love for anyone really.
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Thought for the week
Why is it there is *always* someone who doesn't make it make on time after the go sees? Always! I'd almost be prepared to suspect Tyra of sabotage. But Britney fucked that one up all on her own.

Hate of the week:
Dionn. She sucks. Why is she even still here? I hate Britney too, but it's not worth it any more. Dionn is just pointless. She can't model.

Favourite of the week
NeNe! I've not seen someone play the game so hard since Jade and she's ten time more intelligent. She's had her conversion right on schedule, she's learn how to model. My money is on Renee to do the best of all the girls, no matter who wins.

Other thoughts
Britney's photos were the best, I agree. I'd even have kept her in over Dionn but I suspect the judges couldn't because the fashion houses they visit in the go sees, I think, include the ones in the final fashion show. Britney really fouled up by being so dreadful in person.

I *heart* Natasha but I agree with kauket that she's too Russian to win. Like Sisi in Canada's, who was robbed.
Exciting fact number I learnt this weekend: Canada's Next Top Model, season 1 was filmed in Victoria and the bar they are shown hanging out in was where we had the staff Christmas dinner (and it does -excellent- food...).

I did not seen any contestants there, though the bar tender has the maddest bouffant in Canada.