Kauket (kauket) wrote in turntableturn,

Well now...

I really can't predict who will win.
I still say that Britney's photos were stunning, but I also accept that she really couldn't walk and her behaviour was dreadful. But I still think she photographed the best.

Jaslene - I don't rate her at all and I still find her unattractively thin. I don't think she's anything special, I'm not convinced the panel like her much any more, I don't see her winning

Renee - reformed bitch, now in with a good chance. perhaps looks too old, I'm liking her more and more.

Natasha - she just doesn't really have it. her look is not high fashion enough. although she has improved and maybe could win on that basis. I kinda think they won't want a non-American winning.

Dione - I'm bored to death of Dione. She can't take photos. I think Tyra will keep her in til at least the final three.

Is it me or is the quality of girls just shite this season. I am not feeling the love for anyone really.
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