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My eyes, my eyes...

So just saw the double episode of models
Of those I can remember...

Mira - dull and not very bright, won't be remembering her for much longer

Ebony - the new Jade / Renee, but no where near as batshit as Jade or as smart as Renee. She'll last for a short while and then not won.

Heather - utterly gorgeous at times, looked like Dita Von Teese in her photo. Doubt she will win as she's going to struggle to be relatable to (by which I mean, the Judges will decide that she won't fit in in the industy). Am horrified by the reactions of the other girls to her and their complete inability to understand her or to even begin to try to understand her.

Salichia (???) - beautiful

Lisa - also think she is gorgeous

The one who hates lisa for being an exotic dancer Briony? - meh, dull, not inspiring. Also I kinda hate her attitude to Lisa and to exotic dancers.

The one who looks about 12 victoria? - the only one who seemed to show any inclination to understand Heather so a big hurrah for her. Don't get her look though.

A girl who is totally forgettable right now with reddish hair - will look great if they give her really red hair, otherwise, I have no idea who she is

Janet - the one with short hair. Meh, maybe.

Chantel? a blonde girl - looks great when looking natural, looks dreadful with scrunched up hair and too much make up.

The almost fat but definitely not thin girl - looks like she could be a bit alternative and therefore cool. But no doubt she'll be the one that makes me hate Tyra even more as Tyra tries to pretend that she wants to give fat, I mean plus size, girls a chance but ultimately goes for someone anorexic-looking.

I've managed 11 of the 13, no idea who the rest are.
Still no Asian / middle eastern girls. Sigh.

And Tyra, please please please never sing, or dance. Good lord that was dreadful.
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