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When I wake up, in my make up, it's too early for that dress

So this week on models, did anyone else think...

that there was something seriously wrong with the photoshoot/judging?
During the shoot some people were being told they were amazing, and others (notably Aaron) were told they were dreadful (or comments were made about how bad they were).

And then in judging almost every single person with the except of Aaron and the dark haired lass who won the challenge were apparently awful. And i agree most of the shots were pretty poor.

It really annoyed me. Either
1. the photographer and director were bloody dreadful and didn't know what they were doing, let alone which shots would be good / bad
2. they picked the worst shots for judging so that they could have a go at the girls.

I don't get the point of the latter, why bother except to give the girls a telling off / so that they can show how much the girls improve in later weeks / drama. Yes, ok, it is a tv show and therefore drama, but still. It just made no sense to show all these girls being told how incredible they were on the shoot and then later to be told how dreadful they were.

Yawn. I've not seen Tyra bother with this kind of crap for a while, or at least I don't remember it.

Also, all the bitching about the girl (the one mentioned above whose name still escapes me) who likes the house to be clean i.e. not covered in all the goo that the other girls threw all over the floor and then rolled around in. Yeah, I'm with her on that one.
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