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Secret Rebel

10-9: For those about to walk we salute you

So, ep 10:9 in which Fatima loses her papers and still gets to fly abroad.

This is ow the second time I've seen this episode and I called shenanigans the first time around because it looked as if the whole paper problem had been going on for weeks and the show producers only tried to sort it out on the day of the photoshoot.

But on the second watching I realise that the whole thing is presented out of sequence. Watch the colour of Fatima's tops, watch her expression when the trip abroad is announced. Contrary to the scripting of the episode, I think she doesn't actually discover that she's missing her documents until half way through packing. She calls the producers that night, they initially say they can't help. They call her back later and set up the appointment for the next day which is the day of the photoshoot.

So, I now don't think this was staged - I do think it was shown in a very odd order though.

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