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Secret Rebel

Cycle 8, Episode 3

So I saw the episode last night and to my surprise Renee is starting to grow on me. Her hatred of all that is kind or decent - in fact of everything - is somehow endearing.

- Sorry to see Samantha go so soon and why can't they get Natascha some kind of translator. I think she understands even less than it appears from her own English.
- Jaslene is my Hate of the Week. Her response to Felicia's very light bitching was so over the top.
- I don't understand why everyone loves that girl who won the challenge. She's just 'meh' to me. Can't even remember her name.
- I didn't care for Felicia's picture. Beautiful gitl but she looked like a puppet on strings
- The Bad Girl picture was good (can't remember the model's name) and Jael's Nerd picture. I think Jael can really model although she still sounds cracked out.
- Very few of these girls can walk at all. Some seem so dumb they probably couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time, let alone cross over in front of a another model and cross back again.

Already the other models are blurring into one for me. What do you think of them. Who'se youre Favourite or Most Hated of the week? Has it changed from last week?
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