Secret Rebel (secretrebel) wrote in turntableturn,
Secret Rebel

Cycle 8, Episode 5

I liked Renee's conversion - and her fall back into the dark side. Also the mazey craze of lasers. And Renee admitting the other girls didn't like her because she was a bitch.

I've got a real hate on for Britney (sorry, kauket) because something about the way she piped up to say she came up with the half-in half-out bath shot rubbed me up te wrong way. I think she's a real diva when she's not whining and she may be my Hate of the Week.

Sadly these girls do not seem to be terribly bitchy (except for Renee). But the straightjacket picture was a moment almost worthy of Jade. "Don't worry, it's not tied..." Ha! Words fail me.
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