Secret Rebel (secretrebel) wrote in turntableturn,
Secret Rebel

Inglewood, inglewood, up to nogood

So, what is the verdict on the new ANTM season?

There didn't seem to be so many 'tragic stories' this time around. I wonder why. No 'my mom died in a plane crash and used her body warmth to keep me alive'. Not even anyone 'blind', or with a chronic illness or even a skin condition. Who will warm the cockles of my frozen heart now?

However there were some actually pretty girls in there - a reassuring move.

But what about Natasha? Why are the judges acting as if she's comic. She's a walking talking tragedy. The fact that the only phrases she knew when she arrived in the US were "My name is Natasha" and "I love you". That broke my heart.

Tyra is trying to take Janice's crazy spot on the panel but she will never be able to bring the crazy as Janice could. Also it looks contrived.
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